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This is the city of diversity, a mix-pot where you find people from all parts of the world, some studying, some for business, others as tourists and yet others on a mix of pleasure and business. It does not matter what has brought you here as long as you are here already or are planning to come soon, do set some time aside to have a great time with a stunning woman of German or other origins on your arms. Don’t know whether you need an escort? Many first-timers do not think they do but wait until you visit our website and see that awesome Escorts Gelsenkirchen and then you will change your mind immediately.

Top Escort Service in Gelsenkirchen, best prices

Just like in any other part of Germany, Gelsenkirchen has plenty of escort agencies. In fact, finding an escort service in Germany is extremely easy. So, the issue is not whether or not you can find an agency. What matters is whether the agency can offer you the girl of your dreams whose only priority is to satisfy you. Thankfully, you have found us. We serve you fully to ensure that all your needs are fully met. Our models are incredibly sexy and beautiful. You will rarely find such hot women anywhere else.

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The best Escort Girls in your town Gelsenkirchen

What should you look for in escort girls Gelsenkirchen? The best escort girl should be open-minded, hot, sophisticated and extremely beautiful beyond that word. Just because an escort agency says that their escorts are the best does not necessarily mean that the claim is true. So, you should know how to find out the truth for you to ensure that you are getting the hottest model in the world at the best terms and price. To know that a girl looks exactly as what you see in her pictures, and will be able to send you to the moon and back during a romantic session, read the reviews under her name. If she is highly reviewed, and all clients who have had first-hand experience with her are praising her, then you know she is genuine, hot and well cultured. We have uploaded the real picture of our escorts on our website. All the pictures you are going to see are real. You can be sure that what you see is exactly what you will get. Just go through the pictures and choose the kind of a woman that tickles your fancy.

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The city of Gelsenkirchen is a mixture of everything, which is why it hosts people from many different professional, academic and business fields. For us to meet the needs of everyone, we must have all types of escort models in our employment. Even if you are the smartest man the world has ever seen in business or academics, we have the smartest girl for you. Our models are actually the smartest and hottest in Gelsenkirchen and Germany at large. Whatever you are looking for in a girl, be it intelligence, beauty or fun, our women have it all. They are entertaining and knowledgeable. Escort girls Gelsenkirchen will be able to contribute to any conversation be it about business, global politics, sports or any other subject. Feel free to engage your temporary woman in any conversation.

Various types of escorts

Variety is the spice of life, so they say and you do not find it any wider than on our website. This site brings you escorts of all sizes and ages (mostly young). These escorts have been chosen for their hourglass figures and breathtaking beauty. Men can be very different from each other when it comes to their tastes and preferences on women. In fact, the definition of beauty of one man can be the exact opposite of what another man would consider beautiful. This is why we get out of our way to find women of all types so that any man can find his perfect choice from our escort agency.

When you decide to book one of our escort girls in Gelsenkirchen, you will realize that girls can be extraordinarily beautiful. In fact, sensual fun is just a mouse click away. Our girls are here by choice. You will instantly notice that they are very happy at the time they walk into your room. Whatever your taste, we meet all of them here. If your fantasy is to have a blonde escort girl with long, smooth hair hanging on her arm, then you should simply check our gallery. We have the largest gallery of women to ensure that everyone gets what he is looking for.

What are the things that usually turn you on in a woman? Are you a brunette fun? Whatever your choice is, you can get her here at the best price. We also work with girls of different ages. From mature escorts to middle age and young. Please don’t get us wrong. We don’t recruit girls who are underage. Our young women are in their early and mid-twenties but there are older ones as well. Have you been fantasizing to have a romantic time with a mature escort lady? If yes, then you should not look further than this site. Simply go through our gallery, take a look at various profiles of our escorts, and choose the one whom you think is perfect for you.

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Home, Office and private visits: How It Works?

If you live in Gelsenkirchen and you would like a model to visit your home for some happy time, then you are in luck because there is that kind of service. There is nothing better to do when you intend to spend the whole day at home than call for an anal escort girl. She will arrive discreetly and leave discreetly. However, note that we require your name and a landline telephone number as proof of identity. If you do not have a landline telephone, then the number on the utility bill will do. If you would like her to come to your office, give us a name; tell us the block and the office. Everything is handled so discreetly and when she arrives, no one will know she is an escort. We suggest that as soon as she arrives; hand out the token if you are paying cash so that you can commence having your erotic moments without wasting time.

Hotel Visits: How It Works?

If you are staying in a hotel and you would want one of our most beautiful Escort Girls in Gelsenkirchen to visit you in your hotel room, we can easily and quickly make arrangements for the same. Just contact our escort agency and tell us the name of the girl you would want to be with. Send us your surname or first name, your hotel room number, and the phone number of your hotel room. You also need to tell us the exact time you want her to come, and how long you would want to be with her. After all these, we will call you to confirm the date, and the girl will be there as agreed. One of our sales representatives will then call the hotel number you have given to confirm that it is indeed you. Do not worry; this will be done discreetly. After that, our pretty escort girl will be soon on her way there and no one else apart from her and you need know that you are having a great time.

Our hotel recommendations

There are posh hotels all over in this city, and you will definitely be spoilt for choice when looking for accommodation. We are here to make things easier for you so that you can have much time to focus on matters that are more important. Here are some of the hotels we recommend for you.

One of the best hotel that provides the coolest environment to spend time at with the hottest model in the world is Abis Styles Hotel. Located opposite the ICE railway station, this hotel is modern and offers free Wi-Fi and stylish rooms where you can have a romantic time of your life with a GFE escort girl from us.

Other best hotels include Heiner’s Park Hotel that is located on Am Bugapark 1D, 45899 Gelsenkirchen. It offers air-conditioned rooms, free breakfast and Wi-Fi. There is free parking too. Heated floors, flat screen TV and many more amenities await you. You can expect an unforgettable experience with a difference with your redhead escort girl from our service.

Go on a Date with a Sexy Girl

Not all men get pleasure in spending time with hot girls at home, hotel or office. If you are this type of a man, then you can book one of our bisexual girls and go out to experience what Gelsenkirchen offers. Some of the best places we recommend include:

Holgers Erzbahnbude or Irish Pub Consilium for a wonderful nightlife, Casino Zollverein, Ristorante Trulli, La Scalw and La Piazza for great foods. After a great dinner, you can have a drink together with your curvy escort girl in one of these restaurants. Our escorts are the epitome of beauty. In fact, you will be the envy of every man wherever you are going to hang out with her.

Explore the Beauty Outdoors

Are you an outdoor person? If you said yes, Gelsenkirchen then is the city to be. With the hottest brunette escort girl by your side, you will enjoy the beauty of this city even more. Visit Winndhundstadion Gelsenkirchen for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities with one of our girls. For complete outdoor experience, head to the Tracks in Gelsenkirchen with the woman of your dream. Here, you will find more than 99 trails, at least 4 running routes, more than 80 circle tours and 15 hikes among other outdoor options.

Our Payment options

The best Escorts in Gelsenkirchen cost money, but not to worry, we are not extravagant and we would like to create a return customer out of you. You can make payment to us through your credit card in which case we have a surcharge of 10 to 15%. We also take online payments, bank transfers and even cash. If you are paying cash, please pay her as soon as she arrives at least in five minutes. Also, our escorts will only take US dollars and Euros, but if you have other foreign currency, you can call us in advance so that we can advice you accordingly. You could also pay through bank transfer, especially if you are making advanced booking. The payment is discreet and it will not appear on your bank statement. You can also pay through mobile money transfer. For credit card payment, we will require proof of your identity – your passport.

Privacy and discretion are a top priority for us!

Black operations from covert agencies have nothing on us. When you get services from our escorts Gelsenkirchen, be sure that the service will remain very anonymous and no one will ever know that you used the services of an escort. When she comes to you, not even her fellow escorts will know where she is going. If using a cab, she will be dropped a block away. If she is using her own car, she will leave it parked away so as not to attract attention.

Contact us today

We have given you enough information to help you choose the perfect girl for you. Find pictures and profiles of our girls in this site, choose the kind of escort you would want to spend unforgettable romantic time with, and contact us right away to book your date with the best Escorts in Gelsenkirchen. To book a date with her, you can call us at any time on 0176 7525 70 70. You can also email and leave us a message on at Your search for the best escorts in Gelsenkirchen stops here with us. We bring you top of the range models who will give you great value for your money. Call or email us today to book one.